Help me with Immigration


     Did you know it is possible to obtain United States residency through your family, your employer or due to the current political or economic conditions of your country?  Submit a request form to obtain your consultation regarding immigration law and for advise on which, if any immigration forms you should fill out to obtain residency in the United States. 


     You can Order online forms for Petitioning for a family member, Adjustment of Status, Affidavits of Support, Applications for Naturalization and many other immigration forms. 

     Are you preparing for an interview with the United States Immigration and want to know what to expect?  Fill out a request form and you can have a telephone  or an in person interview with the attorney to help prepare you for your interview.  You will get advise on what types of questions to expect and what types of paperwork to bring with you to your immigration interview.

     Are you scheduled to appear in front of the Immigration Judge?  Julie Bachman has represented clients in the California and Nevada Immigration courts for almost ten years.  Submit a request form and obtain to retain the attorney to represent you in court.  You will receive the preparation of all of your paperwork to be submitted to the court, plus in person interviews with yourself and your witnesses.