California Child Custody, Visitation & Support


     Do you need to establish a child custody, visitation and or support Order in California?  Do you have a child custody, visitation or support Order that you need to modify or do you need to modify any other aspect of a divorce order out of a California court?  If so, you can request your papers to modify or establish a child custody, visitation or support order in California.


     These packets include an initial consultation with the attorney to determine your needs; the papers required to file with the court, with one modification if necessary; the address where you need to file the papers; the fee to file the papers or a fee waiver, if appropriate, and service of the papers on the other party by mail, and; the filing of the proof of service. 


     If the papers are required to be filed personally on the other party, these packets include instructions on how to personally serve the other party and the proof of service to be filled out and filed by the court.